"Grabek in Lublin" gallery was established over a decade ago, after 4 years work in London based galleries.

We gained knowledge in practice, with each new item acquired for the offer, expanding our library, and above all by establishing relationships with practitioners - goldsmiths and silver history researchers, authorities in this field. Over the years, we enriched and built more than one private collection. Our silver also found its way to museum collections, both in Poland and abroad..

The Gallery’s offer includes domestic silver, made in Poland and in former eastern parts of the Republic of Poland, items made in European factories, mostly French, English and German, as well as Russian. It consists of silver items such as tea and coffee sets, sugar bowls, dishes and platters, as well as cutlery, candlesticks and candelabras..

Our aim is to share our knowledge through finding and offering unique pieces, that will enrich our client’s homes, their everyday life, to help in building a collection. Each object on sale is carefully examined and studied, so that we can bring our customers the most information and best quality of experience of dealing with us. We welcome you to browse through our website. Cecylia and Łukasz Grabek
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