Bruckmann & Söhne, German silver jardiniere, Heilbronn


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Bruckmann & Söhne (Silberwarenfabrik Peter Bruckmann & Söhne), act. 1805 - 1973
Ref. no   470
800 standard silver, gilt metal.
Marked with maker's mark, german national marks - crescent moon for silver tiems and crown with cypher 800 indicating silver grade. Austian import mark also stamped.
Dimensions:   10.70 x 30.00 x 16.00 cm
Weight:   430.00 g
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      German silver jardiniere, Heilbronn

      German silver jardiniere, Heilbronn, ok. 1910

      Bruckmann & Söhne (Silberwarenfabrik Peter Bruckmann & Söhne)


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    Sänger Reinhard W. , Joachim Hennze, Heidrun Jecht, Silber aus Heilbronn für die Welt. P. Bruckmann & Söhne (1805-1973), Heilbronn 2001, p. 211.
    Tardy, International hallmarks on silver collected byTardy, Sanderstead 2005, p. 75.


    Very good. Liner with some sign of use, tiny dents. Gilding in very good condition.
    German silver jardiniere, Heilbronn
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