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T. Werner i SA, act. 1864 - 1939
Ref. no   349
84 standard silver.

Marked with maker's mark and Warsaw assay office mark  - coat of arms of Congress Poland, initials of the assayer Oscar Sosnkowski , date letter for 1894 and cypher 84 indicating silver fineness.

Dimensions:   5.00 x 37.00 x 23.00 cm
Weight:   446.00 g
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      Antique Polish silver openwork dish, Warsaw

      Antique Polish silver openwork dish, Warsaw, 1894

      T. Werner i SA


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    M. Gradowski, Marks on silver, Town's marks and state marks used on the territory od Poland within its present borders, Warsaw 2010, p. 293-299, 311-316.

    H. Lileyko, Srebra warszawskie, Warsaw 1979, p.43-44, 76-78.


    Very good with one sign of repair.
    Antique Polish silver openwork dish, Warsaw
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